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My name is Jimmy Shatara and I’m here to give you the methods and strategies to assist your local company to automate getting clients and selling more of the stuff they love to them. You will hear from people just like you that are local entrepreneurs to multi-location owners that reveal their secrets on how they get more of their clients in the doors.

About This Podcast:

Screen to Seat is a weekly interview series with service-based businesses like restaurants, salons, and barber owners on what it is like in the day in the life of these business owners. Learn actionable strategies & tactics to better track, automate, and bring in more clients, more often into your store, restaurants, law firms, or insurance offices while avoiding mistakes in your journey.

I currently run digital marketing agency SE1ECTMEDIA focused solely on real estate related service companies. My background is in real estate which influenced my interest in helping many verticals in this field.

As we have a set number of clients we take on within geographical areas, we are taking a limited number of clients for our services so feel free to contact me if you’d like help with growing your local client service business today.

Who Is This Best Suited For?

Professional Real Estate Services

Restaurant Owners

Salon and Barbershop Owners

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